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Update link to paperclip-meta repository

Ownership of the paperclip-meta repository was transferred from @y8 to @teeparham.
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1 parent 7c2f5d5 commit 9638e7c75814c4c2180f24974c06136229a6a211 @teeparham teeparham committed Feb 20, 2014
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@@ -527,7 +527,7 @@ _NOTE: Because processors operate by turning the original attachment into the
styles, no processors will be run if there are no styles defined._
If you're interested in caching your thumbnail's width, height and size in the
-database, take a look at the [paperclip-meta]( gem.
+database, take a look at the [paperclip-meta]( gem.
Also, if you're interested in generating the thumbnail on-the-fly, you might want
to look into the [attachment_on_the_fly]( gem.

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