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Shoulda matcher for validate_attachment_presence failing #1194

christoomey opened this Issue Mar 13, 2013 · 8 comments

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I have the following class and spec in a rails app. The specs pass if I just use has_attached_file :document, but the validation spec fails if I provide the :styles arg as shown below.

# app/models/attachment.rb
class Attachment < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :document
  # passing in the styles option causes validation spec to fail
  has_attached_file :document, styles: { :thumb => ["32x32#", :png] } 
  validates :document, :attachment_presence => true

# spec/models/attachment.rb
require 'spec_helper'

describe Attachment do
  it { should have_attached_file(:document) }
  it { should validate_attachment_presence(:document) }
xaethos commented Mar 14, 2013

This happens after upgrading ImageMagick to 6.8.0. My specs were passing with 6.7.1.

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jyurek commented Mar 15, 2013

I have 6.8.0 installed and it doesn't seem to be a problem. @xaethos, what versions of everything else do you have: Ruby, Rails, RSpec, Paperclip, etc?

The only thing I can find that reliably made an error was using Paperclip 3.2.1. Switching to 3.4.1 made it work. But @christoomey said he's using 3.4.1 and it doesn't work. So I don't know. Maybe it's something else.

xaethos commented Mar 25, 2013

The problem is with the matcher itself. It is checking for any error on the field instead of the presence error: "can't be blank."
The problem gets triggered because the matcher tries setting a text file as the attachment. When you have something like:

has_attached_file :document, styles: { :thumb => ["32x32#", :png] }

The file gets sent to ImageMagick for postprocessing, which in turn generates an error because it can't handle the text file.

It's not really important that ImageMagick errors out: since the error attached to the field is not "can't be blank," the test should pass anyway.

I'll try to make a pull request, but I've been really busy lately. If somebody wants to beat me to it, please go ahead.


Is this problem still present in latest gem version? I would like to solve it.
Which Ruby, Rails, RSpec etc. versions will I need to reproduce it? Will edge ones be enough?

conzett commented Apr 13, 2014

I just ran into this in a Rails 4.0 app:

  • Shoulda 3.5
  • Paperclip 3.4.2
  • rspec 2.14

Hi everybody! Is this still an issue for you in Paperclip; I know this issue is from approximately 2 years ago. If it is still an issue, can you please provide the code that's causing you the error? Thanks!

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tute commented May 15, 2015

@christoomey @jyurek is this still an issue with Paperclip?

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jyurek commented May 18, 2015

I think, given that this hasn't been mentioned in two years in a serious manner, that it's probably not an issue anymore.

@jyurek jyurek closed this May 18, 2015
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