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phene commented Jun 19, 2012

This issue has been mentioned many times before, and after attempting to use the patch provided by paperclip, I still ran into the failure.

[GEM_ROOT]/gems/aws-sdk-1.4.1/lib/aws/core/log_formatter.rb:280:in `inspect'
[GEM_ROOT]/gems/aws-sdk-1.4.1/lib/aws/core/log_formatter.rb:280:in `summarize_value'
[GEM_ROOT]/gems/paperclip-3.1.2/lib/paperclip/storage/s3.rb:105:in `block in summarize_hash'
[GEM_ROOT]/gems/paperclip-3.1.2/lib/paperclip/storage/s3.rb:105:in `each'
[GEM_ROOT]/gems/paperclip-3.1.2/lib/paperclip/storage/s3.rb:105:in `map'
[GEM_ROOT]/gems/paperclip-3.1.2/lib/paperclip/storage/s3.rb:105:in `summarize_hash'
[GEM_ROOT]/gems/aws-sdk-1.4.1/lib/aws/core/log_formatter.rb:195:in `_options'
[GEM_ROOT]/gems/aws-sdk-1.4.1/lib/aws/core/log_formatter.rb:169:in `block in format'
[GEM_ROOT]/gems/aws-sdk-1.4.1/lib/aws/core/log_formatter.rb:169:in `gsub'
[GEM_ROOT]/gems/aws-sdk-1.4.1/lib/aws/core/log_formatter.rb:169:in `format'
[GEM_ROOT]/gems/aws-sdk-1.4.1/lib/aws/core/client.rb:303:in `log_response'
[GEM_ROOT]/gems/aws-sdk-1.4.1/lib/aws/core/client.rb:294:in `log_client_request'
[GEM_ROOT]/gems/aws-sdk-1.4.1/lib/aws/core/client.rb:363:in `block in client_request'
[GEM_ROOT]/gems/aws-sdk-1.4.1/lib/aws/core/client.rb:275:in `return_or_raise'
[GEM_ROOT]/gems/aws-sdk-1.4.1/lib/aws/core/client.rb:362:in `client_request'
(eval):3:in `put_object'
[GEM_ROOT]/gems/aws-sdk-1.4.1/lib/aws/s3/s3_object.rb:315:in `write'
[GEM_ROOT]/gems/paperclip-3.1.2/lib/paperclip/storage/s3.rb:309:in `block in flush_writes'
[GEM_ROOT]/gems/paperclip-3.1.2/lib/paperclip/storage/s3.rb:295:in `each'
[GEM_ROOT]/gems/paperclip-3.1.2/lib/paperclip/storage/s3.rb:295:in `flush_writes'

This patch is the only thing I've found to fix this.

class Paperclip
  # Fixes issue with S3 + UTF-8 filenames
  class AbstractAdapter
    def inspect
      "#{self.class}: #{self.original_filename}"

sikachu commented Jun 19, 2012

Urghhhhhh .... This aws-sdk glitch is killing me.

Would you mind implement that inspect method with test in AbstractAdapter and submit a pull request? I am pretty sure it would be better to put it there to clean things up. I want this to be resolved once and for all.

zucay commented Jun 27, 2012

I have submitted another way to solve this issue.

This patch is localized in storage/s3.rb


phene commented Jun 27, 2012

Why rescue the exception when you can bypass its triggering altogether?

zucay commented Jun 28, 2012

Revised patch is here.


sikachu commented Jul 4, 2012

@zucay is the patch from @phene solves your issue? I'd rather just fix that instead of having a conditional in monkey patch.

@phene if adding #inspect really solves the problem, I'll be leaning to add that instead.

sikachu was assigned Jul 4, 2012

sikachu closed this in a1690c5 Jul 13, 2012

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