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Paperclip Demo

Reference Application

Application allows users to manage a list of “friends” using a basic Rails scaffold. Each friend will have a Name and Avatar. Paperclip will provide the image upload and resizing functionality. The app will demonstrate how to create different sized thumbnails, display resized images on different screens, and gracefully degrade to display missing avatars “missing.png” for friends without an avatar.

Install Codebase

Clone the git repository

$ git clone
$ cd paperclip_demo
$ bundle

Database Migrations

$ rake db:migrate

Run Application

Run the rails server

$ rails s

View Application

From a web browser access the site via localhost:3000

Deploy the application to Heroku

Create an application container on Heroku

$ heroku create

Push the code to the Heroku container

$ git push heroku master

Run any database migrations

$ heroku rake db:migrate

Set the AWS S3 config vars

$ heroku config:add AWS_BUCKET=your_bucket_name
$ heroku config:add AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=your_access_key_id
$ heroku config:add AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=your_secret_access_key

From a web browser access your Heroku application

Test suite

RSpec and Capybara used for Integration and Unit tests

$ rspec
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