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Suppresses the noise in your Test::Unit backtraces
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Thoughtbot is no longer supporting this project, it hasn't be tested or used since at least Rails 2.x.

We recommend upgrading to Rails 3 as soon as possible, since this gem's functionality was merged into Rails a while ago.

Quiet Backtrace

Quiet Backtrace suppresses the noise in your Test::Unit backtrace. It also provides hooks for you to add additional silencers and filters.


sudo gem install thoughtbot-quietbacktrace --source=


Silencers remove lines from the backtrace. Create your own:

# Will reject all lines that include the word "mongrel", 
# like "/gems/mongrel/server.rb" or "/app/my_mongrel_server/rb"
backtrace_cleaner =
backtrace_cleaner.add_silencer { |line| line =~ /mongrel/ }

Filters modify the output of backtrace lines. Create your own:

# Will turn "/my/rails/root/app/models/person.rb" into "/app/models/person.rb"
backtrace_cleaner =
backtrace_cleaner.add_filter { |line| line.gsub(Rails.root, '') }


  • Test::Unit



Special thanks to the Boston.rb group for cultivating this idea at our inaugural hackfest.

Copyright (c) Dan Croak, James Golick, Joe Ferris, thoughtbot, inc. (the MIT license)