Make chef recipes work at Engine Yard (Gentoo, chef 0.6) #2

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I have not tested to ensure that it still works with modern chef and Ubuntu, but it should (fingers crossed).

Additionally, many hardcoded values were replaced with attributes, the daikon user no longer has a login shell, the daikon user uses the log directory for their home directory, and notifications will restart the service if configs change.

Because I'm using start-stop-daemon, this will not work on Redhat or CentOS. With some minor tweaks to the daikon gem so it can easily the standard locations for pidfiles and logfiles, we can switch to using the daemons gem helpers (i.e. stop using daikon run) and use daikon [start|stop|restart|...] instead, and we can make the init.d script work for those OSes as well.

@nevans nevans Many changes to daikon recipe
 * using attributes instead of hardcoded values
 * using template for upstart recipe
 * switch between upstart or init.d script based on platform
 * compatible with chef 0.6 (creaky ancient version used by Engine Yard)
 * no login shell for daikon user

*Should* still be compatible with Ubuntu and modern chef (needs testing).

should be members [node[:daikon][:user]]

@qrush qrush merged commit 9b44ea4 into thoughtbot:master Jun 24, 2011
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