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Adding some notes about securing the site

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@@ -12,13 +12,33 @@ h2. Requirements
* integrity installed
* metric_fu
* tinder
+* your favorite webserver
h2. Usage
Run: @rake grade@
Note: It's probably best to do this on a cron job.
+If you're running private projects, make sure to configure your webserver to block
+others from looking at your results. If you're using Apache to host your report_card
+site, here's what your VirtualHost could look like:
+<VirtualHost *:80>
+ ServerName
+ DocumentRoot /home/ci/report_card/_site
+ <DirectoryMatch /home\/ci\/report_card\/_site\/(archive|private|scores)>
+ AuthName "Metrics"
+ AuthUserFile /home/ci/.htpasswd
+ AuthGroupFile /dev/null
+ AuthType basic
+ require valid-user
+ </DirectoryMatch>
h2. Setup
Have a @config.yml@ file in your report_card directory with the following info:

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