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v 2.5.0

  • Fix Rails/Test::Unit integration to ensure that the test case classes we are re-opening actually exist.

  • Fix ensure_length_of so that it uses the right message to validate when is_equal_to is specified in conjunction with a custom message.

  • The route matcher now accepts specifying a controller/action pair as a string instead of only a hash (e.g. route(...).to('posts#index') instead of route(...).to(controller: 'posts', action: 'index')).

  • The ensure_inclusion_of matcher now works with a decimal column.

  • Under Rails 3, if you had an association matcher chained with the the order submatcher -- e.g. should have_many(:foos).order(:bar) -- and your association had an :include on it, using the matcher would raise an error. This has been fixed.

  • Fix validate_uniqueness_of so it doesn't fail if the attribute under test has a limit of fewer than 16 characters.

  • You can now test that your has_many :through or has_one :through associations are defined with a :source option.

  • Add new matcher validates_absence_of.

  • Update matchers so that they use failure_message and failure_message_when_negated to define error messages. These are new methods in the upcoming RSpec 3 release which replace failure_message_for_should and failure_message_for_should_not. We've kept backward compatibility so all of your existing tests should still work -- this is just to make sure when RSpec 3 is released you don't get a bunch of warnings.

v 2.4.0

  • Fix a bug with the validate_numericality_of matcher that would not allow the with_message option on certain submatchers.

  • Fix a regression with context-dependent validations in ActiveResource

  • shoulda-matchers is now fully compatible with Rails 4.

  • When not using RSpec, shoulda-matchers is now auto-included into ActiveSupport::TestCase instead of Test::Unit::TestCase (in Rails 4 the former no longer inherits from the latter).

v 2.3.0

  • Fix a bug in ensure_inclusion_of that would cause issues with using in_array with an integer value.

  • Add support for PostgreSQL UUID columns to validates_uniqueness_of (#334).

  • Fix validates_numericality_of so that is_equal_to submatcher works correctly (#326).

  • Fix context support for validation matchers and disallowed values (#313).

  • Add a counter_cache submatcher for belongs_to associations (#311).

  • Add a rescue_from matcher for Rails controllers which checks that the correct ActiveSupport call has been made and that the handlers exist without actually throwing an exception (#287).

  • Changed the scope of AssociationMatcher methods from protected to private.

  • Extracted #order, #through, and #dependent from AssociationMatcher as their own submatchers.

v 2.2.0

  • Fix have_and_belong_to_many matcher issue for Rails 4.

  • Fix validate_uniqueness_of.scoped_to issue when the scoped field is already taken (#207).

  • Add comparison submatchers to validate_numericality_of to correspond to the comparison options you can give to validates_numericality_of (#244).

v 2.1.0

  • Add missing failure_message_for_should_not implementations to validate_numericality_of and its submatchers

  • Support validation contexts for testing validations on: :create and when using custom contexts like model.valid?(:my_context).

  • Fix a bug in validations with autosaved models.

  • Fix maximum value detection for the ensure_inclusion_of and ensure_exclusion_of matchers.

  • Add :odd and :even options to the validate_numericality_of matcher.

  • Add :touch option to AssociationMatcher.

  • Ruby 2.0.0 is now officially supported.

  • Fix the issue where using %{attribute} or %{model} in I18n translations raised exceptions.

  • Support datetime columns in validate_uniqueness_of.scoped_to.

  • Add allow_nil option to the validate_uniqueness_of matcher.

v 2.0.0

v 1.5.6

  • Revert previous change in AllowValueMatcher that added a check for a properly-set attribute.

v 1.5.5

  • AllowValueMatcher checks that the right value is used for attempts at setting the attribute with it.

    • Please note that previously-passing tests might now fail. It is likely that it's not a bug, but please make sure that the code you're testing is written properly before submitting an issue.
  • Use DisallowValueMatcher for disallows_value_of method.

  • Assert class_name value on real class name for AssociationMatcher.

  • Correct the variable used for validate_confirmation_of matcher description.

v 1.5.4

  • Properly-released version of 1.5.3.

v 1.5.3 - yanked due to mis-release

  • Alleviate the need to add rspec gem to your app.

v 1.5.1

  • Bump version dependency of Bourne to allow for Mocha upgrade.

  • Should fix incompatibility with MiniTest.

v 1.5.0

  • Deprecate the following matchers:

    • assign_to
    • respond_with_content_type
    • query_the_database
    • validate_format_of
    • have_sent_email
    • permit (strong parameters matcher)
    • delegate_method
  • Use RSpec's native configure.include syntax for including matchers into RSpec (#204).

  • Do not force MiniTest loading when test-unit is available (this was fixed before 1.3.0 then reverted in 1.3.0).


  • Add a new delegate_method matcher.


  • Fix an issue when used with Test::Unit on the allow value matcher.

  • Fix an issue with using ensure_inclusion_of(:attr) given an array of true or false values.


  • Add strict option to validation matchers.

  • Verify that arguments to set_the_flash matcher are valid.

  • Fix issue in ValidateUniquenessMatcher that could cause an error on postgres.

  • You can now pass an array to ensure_exclusion_of using in_array.

  • Allow testing of :foreign_key option for has_one relationships using the association matcher.

  • Fix bug where ensure_length_of would pass if the given string was too long.

  • allow_blank will now allow values such as: ' ', '\n', and '\r'.

  • Test outside values for ensure_inclusion_of when given an array.

  • Fix the output of the set_the_flash matcher.


  • validate_format_of will accept allow_blank(bool) and allow_nil(bool).

  • Prefer Test::Unit to MiniTest when loading integrations so that RubyMine is happy (#88).

  • validates_uniqueness_of will now create a record if one does not exist. Previously, users were required to create a record in the database before using this matcher.

  • Fix an edge case when where the matchers weren't loaded into Test::Unit when mixing RSpec and Test::Unit tests and also loading both the 'rspec-rails' gem and 'shoulda-matchers' gem from the same Gemfile group, namely [:test, :development].

  • controller.should_not render_partial now correctly matches render partial: "partial".


  • ensure_inclusion_of now has an in_array parameter: ensure_inclusion_of(:attr).in_array(['foo', 'bar']). It cannot be used with the .in_range option. (vpereira)

  • ensure_in_inclusion_of with in_array will accept allow_blank(bool) and allow_nil(false)

  • Test against Rails 3.2.

  • Fix ensure_length_of to use all possible I18n error messages.

  • have_db_index.unique(nil) used to function exactly the same as have_db_index with no unique option. It now functions the same as have_db_index.unique(false).

  • In 1.1.0, have_sent_email checked all emails to ensure they matched. It now checks that only one email matches, which restores 1.0.0 behavior.


  • Add only_integer option to validate_numericality_of: should validate_numericality_of(:attribute).only_integer

  • Add a query_the_database matcher:

    it { should query_the_database(4.times).when_calling(:complicated_method) } it { should query_the_database(4.times).or_less.when_calling(:complicated_method) } it { should_not query_the_database.when_calling(:complicated_method) }

  • Database columns are now correctly checked for primality. E.G., this works now: it { should have_db_column(:id).with_options(:primary => true) }

  • The flash matcher can check specific flash keys using [], like so: it { should set_the_flash[:alert].to("Password doesn't match") }

  • The have_sent_email matcher can check reply_to: it { should have_sent_email.reply_to([user, other]) }

  • Add validates_confirmation_of matcher: it { should validate_confirmation_of(:password) }

  • Add serialize matcher: it { should serialize(:details).as(Hash).as_instance_of(Hash) }

  • shoulda-matchers checks for all possible I18n keys, instead of just e.g. activerecord.errors.messages.blank

  • Add accept_nested_attributes matcher

  • Our very first dependency: ActiveSupport >= 3.0.0

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