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Add installation instructions for Rails 5.0
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@@ -117,12 +117,22 @@ complex, and error-prone.
Include `shoulda-matchers` in your Gemfile:
+For Rails 4.x:
``` ruby
group :test do
gem 'shoulda-matchers', '~> 3.1'
+For Rails 5.0:
+``` ruby
+group :test do
+  gem 'shoulda-matchers', git: '', branch: 'rails-5'
Now you need to tell the gem a couple of things:
* Which test framework you're using

3 comments on commit ac9f482

Hey! Great to see this!

Any chance to see this in master or as a PR anytime soon? I think a PR would be awesome for others to contribute to and follow the progress. What do you think? :)

Or make this branch the default one on github?


guialbuk replied Jun 21, 2017

Hi, @aried3r . This PR has already been merged into master branch :)
The rails-5 branch has many failing tests, so it isn't ready to be the default branch yet.

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