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Update validator matchers to use Rails 3 style validator #146

sikachu opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I think it's time for us to move on from Rails 2 style validator detection. On Rails 3, we have Model.validators_on(:attribute), which will return the validators on that particular attribute. We can access its properties, and also its :kind there.

However, doing so would mean that we're removing Rails 2 support, so I'd like to hear on what you guys think about this major bump.


That's pretty slick, I hadn't realized that method was available.


I like this. We've removed Rails 2 support on Paperclip and factory_girl already, and those are way more popular than shoulda-matchers. :+1:


Any update on this?


I think this is an ongoing fix and I would be fine with doing this as things go along. I'm going to close this as an actual issue though because its not something we will 'check off'.

@drapergeek drapergeek closed this
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