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using validate_presence_of and validate_uniqueness_of with i18n raise error #53

anujaware opened this Issue · 14 comments

It gives error
Failure/Error: it { should validate_uniqueness_of(:scheme_id).scoped_to(:designation_id) }
Expected errors to include "%{model} is already exist" when scheme_id is set to 1732, got errors: ["scheme_id Designations scheme is already exist (1732)", "scheme_id Sale Scheme Designations scheme is already exist (1732)", "scheme_type Designations scheme is already exist (3)"]


Can you provide more example code to help us recreate this?


+1 on getting errors with "validate_presence_of" and i18n.

Will provide code and/or failing test_case later on.



Options are not interpolated into I18n by Shoulda::Matchers::ActiveModel::Helpers.default_error_messages:

In this file:
There is the information:
"# The values :model, :attribute and :value are always available for interpolation"

So, for example, I could place this in my application's en.yml file:

      blank: "%{attribute} can't be blank"

And when I run the test I will get this:
Expected errors to include "%{attribute} can't be blank" when carousel_id is set to nil, got errors: carousel_id Carousel can't be blank (nil)title Title can't be blank (nil)

attribute has not been interpolated.

This might help resolve the issue:



I get same error message when using ensure_length_of using interpolation with attribute. The only interpolation being passed in the hash is the count.


same here : Expected errors to include "doit être rempli(e)" when course is set to nil, got errors: ["course does not exist (nil)", "course_id does not exist (nil)"]



class CaseType < ActiveRecord::Base
  validates :name, presence: true, uniqueness: true


require 'spec_helper'

describe CaseType do
  it { should validate_presence_of(:name) }

It works normally when default locale is english.
But when default locale is another (russian, for example), it raise error:

Failure/Error: it { should validate_presence_of(:name) }
       Expected errors to include "translation missing: ru.activerecord.errors.messages.blank" when name is set to nil, got errors: ["name translation missing: (nil)"]

@kanfet this is a separate issue to the one described in here. The issue described here is about i18n interpolation.


@danhart look at error text again, please. It about i18n interpolation. There is no locale files. But error is the same.



I am also facing the same issue


#206 might fix this, since it passes in :attribute.


I have the same issue as @kanfet

I'm using matchers in Test/Unit and have some error messages overridden in locales/en but I am using the default message for uniqueness.

When I call should validate_uniqueness_of(:property_name)

I get:

Expected errors to include "translation missing: en.activerecord.errors.models.eligibility_question.attributes.property_name.taken" when property_name is set to "name", got errors: ["input_type is not a valid input type (nil)", "question_type is not a valid question type (nil)", "property_name is already taken (\"name\")"]

This seems to also be an i18n problem but not this interpolation issue. Should I open a new ticket?




#206 fixed this for me.


@andyw8 - Thanks for checking!

With the changes from #206 and possibly other ones along the way, I believe this issue has been resolved. Closing.

@mxie mxie closed this
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