Rewritten rspec integration to use RSpec's configure for matchers loading #204

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hron commented Dec 10, 2012

I've tried to use RSpec.configure {|c| c.include ...} for loading shoulda matchers. This fixes random failures that are mentioned in #174. At least for my case. ;)

gabebw commented Dec 10, 2012

I appreciate you fixing #174 (at least for your case :)).

However, we don't use RSpec features like this because this library is also used with thoughtbot/shoulda-context , which is used with Test::Unit. For that reason, we can't depend on RSpec as a runtime dependency in the way you're using it here.

@gabebw gabebw closed this Dec 10, 2012
hron commented Dec 10, 2012

I think this part of code from lib/shoulda/matchers.rb is exactly to guard from using RSpec features unless they are not available:

if defined?(RSpec)
  require 'shoulda/matchers/integrations/rspec'

I am also pretty sure that if you want to integrate with some tool like RSpec you should use the interface they provide, instead of defining matchers inside RSpec::Matcher and pray that it should work. ;)

hron commented Dec 10, 2012

@gabebw any comments on my remark? Thanks.

dnagir commented Dec 12, 2012

@gabebw I agree with @hron. Any chance it being merged?

I can confirm that it fixes the issue. And indeed for sure the proper RSpec interface should be used.

+1 for this fix. Otherwise we have some random failures in CI environment.

@gabebw gabebw reopened this Dec 12, 2012
gabebw commented Dec 12, 2012

This looks good. If Travis passes, I'll merge it.

Thanks for being persistent, @hron :)

@regedarek regedarek referenced this pull request in thoughtbot/shoulda Dec 25, 2012

[Semaphoreapp]All Shoulda specs fails on random branches #221

gabebw commented Dec 25, 2012


@gabebw gabebw closed this Dec 25, 2012
dnagir commented Jan 15, 2013

When do you guys are planning to release (so that this fix can be included)?

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