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should_set_cookie macro #86

rnewman57 opened this Issue Mar 6, 2010 · 2 comments

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While adding a feature to Clearance, I wrote this macro that might be generally useful to add to shoulda:

def should_set_cookie(name, value, should_expire_at)
  description = "set a '#{name}' cookie to '#{value}'"
  if should_expire_at
    description << " expiring at #{should_expire_at}"
    description << " with no expiration date (session cookie)"
  should description do
    assert_equal value, cookies[name]
    # the following statement may be redundant with the preceding one, but can't hurt
    assert_equal value, @response.cookies[name]
    # cookies and @response[cookies] don't give us the expire time, so we need to fish it out 'manually'
    set_cookie_headers = @response.headers['Set-Cookie']
    assert_not_nil set_cookie_headers, "@response.headers['Set-Cookie'] must not be nil"
    regex = /^#{name}=#{value}(;|$)/
    assert_contains set_cookie_headers, regex
    cookie = set_cookie_headers.find {|h| h =~ regex}
    regex = /; expires=(.*?)(;|$)/
    if should_expire_at
      assert_contains cookie, regex, "cookie does not contain an 'expires=' attribute"
      cookie =~ regex
      expires_at = Time.parse($1)
      assert_in_delta should_expire_at, expires_at, 10 # seconds -- arbitrary delta
      assert_does_not_contain cookie, regex, "cookie contains an 'expires=' attribute but it shouldn't"

similar in spirit to earlier issue (and patch) #49 , except that my version also checks cookie expiration times

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gabebw commented Mar 19, 2012


This looks useful - can you file a pull request over at shoulda-matchers? That's where all of the "real code" lives now. Shoulda has become just a meta-gem that depends on that code.

-- Gabe

@gabebw gabebw closed this Mar 19, 2012
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