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smeder commented Mar 15, 2010

I've been playing around a bit with the Rails 3 beta and fixed a few things in the Rails 3 Shoulda branch:

  • errors.on(:attribute) => errors[:attribute]
  • errors[:attribute] always returns a empty array even if there are no errors
  • default error messages are gathered from active model, falling back to active record if not found
  • RAILS_ENV => Rails.env (deprecation)
  • location of rake fragment switched to lib/tasks (deprecation)

Things I didn't fix (that I know of):

  • tests: The test app needs to be updated to Rails 3.0
  • I didn't make any structural changes to reflect that most validations have moved to Active Model

I can probably take a stab at the things that I left on the table, but would appreciate som guidance on the second item on the list.

My changes are available at git://github.com/smeder/shoulda.git


smeder commented Mar 15, 2010

I see that some of these things have already been fixed by other people. Feel free to cherrypick if there is anything of value...


gabebw commented Mar 19, 2012

Shoulda has been Rails 3-ized since this issue was created. Feel free to create a pull request for shoulda-context or shoulda-matchers if there's something we missed.


@gabebw gabebw closed this Mar 19, 2012

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