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Make the .git/safe directory in bin/setup

Our expected way of managing Rubies is with rbenv:

We load rbenv and add `.git/safe/../../bin:$PATH` to our $PATH in:

Loading rbenv in `zshrc` is recommended by the rbenv docs:

Assuming the binstubs for a project are in the local bin/ directory, we
go a step further to add the directory to shell $PATH so that rspec can
be invoked without the bin/ prefix:

    export PATH="./bin:$PATH"

Doing so on a system that other people have write access to (such as a
shared host) is a security risk:


The `.git/safe` convention addresses the security problem:

This zsh fix may be necessary for OS users in order to fix a bug:
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1 parent 705dc7b commit 2ec71088959201071112a20794d0a3eed5a4b146 @croaky croaky committed Feb 14, 2014
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  1. +3 −0 templates/bin_setup
@@ -12,6 +12,9 @@ bundle install
# Set up the database
bundle exec rake db:setup
+# Add binstubs to PATH via export PATH=".git/safe/../../bin:$PATH" in ~/.zshenv
+mkdir -p .git/safe
# Set up configurable environment variables
if [ ! -f .env ]; then
cp .sample.env .env

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