Add a --github option to create a github repo #53

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hgmnz commented Oct 28, 2011

create the repo, set up the origin remote and push it.


croaky commented Jun 19, 2012

I think to do this, we'd have to do it via Github's API?

curl -F 'name=#{repo_name}' -F 'public=#{0_or_1}' -F 'login=#{github_user}' -F 'token=#{github_token}'

I believe that requires the Github user's login name and Github token, some knowledge about public/private.

What if instead of doing this programmatically, we spit out instructions for the user to do it themselves quickly?


drapergeek commented Jul 13, 2012

I would agree that spitting out the instructions is a cleaner way to do this given this.

Maybe if the user passes in the github flag, we could just have the script open a tab in the browser to the URL for creating a new repo (similar to what we do in the laptop script) and then just print the instructions out otherwise.


croaky commented Aug 3, 2012

This would be pretty cool to do programmatically. Instead of using curl, lets have Suspenders depend on the hub gem. Then the flag would be:


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