@croaky croaky released this Feb 4, 2015 · 403 commits to master since this release

  • Make the .git/safe directory in bin/setup.
  • Require rails_12factor gem only on Heroku.
  • Require mailer config on staging and production.
  • Add rspec binstub.
  • Fix .ruby-version on Ruby 2.1.0.
  • Replace Flutie's page_title with title gem.
  • Don't run factory specs twice.
  • Inherit staging config from production.
  • Internal: convert tests from Cucumber to RSpec.
  • Don't include prefilled_input.js.
  • Fix Rack class name - Deflater instead of Timeout.
  • Add Pry Rails.
  • Add Spring.
  • Add Dotenv to development and test environments to load environment variables
    from the .env file.
  • Reduce ActiveRecord connection pool from 5 to 2.