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Install Foreman automatically in setup script


* Right now, the setup script informs you to install Foreman manually
  if is not already installed. Unfortunately, it's very easy to miss
  this message amid all of the other output when you're running the
  script for the first time.
* Foreman is a staple in our development toolkit, and not having it
  installed is frustrating for designers who aren't as familiar with
  Ruby as developers are. Having them ask developers for help every time
  this occurs isn't a long-term solution.

To satisfy the above:

* Just ensure that Foreman is installed.

[fixes #619]
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dotfiles Add ctags configuration dotfile per project basis
Gemfile.erb Provide Shoulda Matchers config
Procfile Replace Unicorn with Puma Update header syntax in README template
_analytics.html.erb is now Segment
_flashes.html.erb Swap flash id for a class
_javascript.html.erb Use latest thoughtbot/guides, styles
action_mailer.rb Add ActionMailer spec support file
application.scss Removes .css file suffix from application stylesheet
bin_deploy Add `bin/deploy` script
bin_setup.erb Install Foreman automatically in setup script
browserslist Add Autoprefixer and browserslist config file
bundler_audit.rake Add bundler:audit rake task description
circle.yml.erb Update CircleCI config
config_i18n_tasks.yml Set `en.titles.application` to App Name
config_locales_en.yml.erb Evaluates Ruby on generating `en.yml` locale file
database_cleaner_rspec.rb Use new hash syntax
dev.rake Rename development data concept to avoid db/seeds confusion
disable_xml_params.rb Update comment on disable_xml_params.rb
errors.rb Use latest thoughtbot/guides, styles
factory_girl_rspec.rb Remove before(:suite) block
flashes_helper.rb Only display user-facing flashes
hound.yml Add default .hound.yml file
i18n.rb Enable using just `t` (not `I18n.t`) in specs
json_encoding.rb Change JSON time format
newrelic.yml.erb Use latest thoughtbot/guides, styles
postgresql_database.yml.erb Cast ENV variables in database.yml to Integer
puma.rb Replace Unicorn with Puma
rails_helper.rb Provide Shoulda Matchers config
sample.env Add mandatory environment variables to .sample.env
secrets.yml Use latest thoughtbot/guides, styles
shoulda_matchers_config_rspec.rb Provide Shoulda Matchers config
smtp.rb Improve SMTP_DOMAIN comment
spec_helper.rb Rename examples file
staging.rb Use latest thoughtbot/guides, styles
suspenders_gitignore gitignore /public/assets
suspenders_layout.html.erb.erb Document how to use the #title helper
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