Latest commit f00f151 Mar 24, 2017 @toobulkeh toobulkeh committed with iwz Schedule Heroku Backups and Capture backup of existing staging databa…
…se for Review Apps (#826)

* Capture backup of existing staging database

When a PR Review environment is created, the latest backup is currently used. If no backups exist, or if the backup is old and outdated, recent data used for testing may not exist.

This forcibly creates a backup right before migration -- leading to the most recent data.

Another way to solve this would be to automatically add `pg:backups:schedule` on all staging environments on original app scaffolding, but that would be up to 24 hours difference.

* Added #set_heroku_backup_schedule
* Added backup schedule to creation of Heroku apps
* Delegated backup schedule to Heroku Adapter
* Update
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