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JoelQ and cpytel Rename `FactoryGirl` to `FactoryBot` (#94)
The `FactoryGirl` gem was
[renamed]( to `FactoryBot`.
This commit goes through and replaces all references to `FactoryGirl`
and `factory_girl` in the book and example app.

Some parts of the book refer to older commits in the example app. In
these places, I've added a note saying the gem was formerly called
Latest commit c07317c Jan 12, 2019

Testing Rails

A book about testing Rails applications the thoughtbot way.

Reading the Book

You can find the current release in a variety of formats under the release directory. To view older releases, check out a specific Git tag.

Providing Feedback

Please provide feedback via GitHub.


We use Paperback (internal to thoughtbot) for generating eBooks. To build the book, follow the instructions for setting up Paperback and be sure to have Docker running.

Building the book

To build the book (for inspecting compiled output):

$ bin/build

Releasing an update

We're using tags and releases to track milestones in book updates.

The release script builds the project, moves the built files into /release, and bumps the git tag:

$ bin/release

Build a zip to upload to Gumroad and attach it to the GitHub release:

$ bin/build-zip

Updating the sample.pdf

Build and upload to by updating the website repo (samples are in public/).


Thank you to all who've contributed so far!