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OSX Mac Video Game Controllers Mar 6, 2015
docker Discuss `rails server` network interface binding with boot2docker Feb 13, 2015
ember TIL: Property Brace Expansion Jan 30, 2015
git Configuring git to use the osxkeychain helper Apr 3, 2015
haskell TIL sorting in reverse order in Haskell Jan 30, 2015
homebrew TIL How to use different Homebrew formula versions Jan 23, 2015
java TIL Formatting numbers by locale in Java Jan 30, 2015
javascript Prototype (Character) Classes Feb 17, 2015
life Everybody is learning Jan 26, 2015
python TIL setuptool entry points in Python Jan 30, 2015
rails TIL Rack defaults to URL encoding Feb 27, 2015
ruby Inject vs each_with_object in ruby Apr 3, 2015
security Use constant-time comparison for sensitive hashes Feb 27, 2015
testing Update Jan 30, 2015
vim Search and replace across multiple files in Vim Apr 3, 2015 Add contribution guidelines Feb 23, 2015 Git Commits For Non-Git Users Jan 30, 2015

Today I Learned

We constantly learn new things. This is a repo to share those learnings. TILs are short Markdown documents (a few sentences + example code) explaining concepts, bits of syntax, commands, or tips we've recently learned.

For new TILs, watch this repo or follow @upcase on Twitter.

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