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Critical learning

Read these sections of the Postgres manual:

Read the following sections of the SQL Cookbook: ($)

Appendix A: Window Function Refresher
Any recipes that interest you


You know everyday SQL when you can:

  • Insert a new record.
  • Update one or more records.
  • Delete one or more records.
  • Find rows that satisfy one or more conditions.
  • Limit query results.
  • Order query results.
  • Average values in a column.
  • Find the mininum value in a column.
  • Find the maximum value in a column.
  • Sum values in a column.
  • Count values in a column.
  • Paginate results.
  • Suppress duplicates.
  • Answer negation questions. ("Which students don't take course 101?")
  • Answer limit questions. ("Which students take at least 2 courses?")
  • Answer exact questions. ("Which professors teach only 1 course?")
  • Answer relational division questions. ("Find a plane faster than all trains.")

Ongoing reference

Refer often to the Postgres manual.

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