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A distributed revision control and source code management system with an emphasis on speed.

Beginning Git

You should be able to

  • Initialize a repository.
  • Clone a repository.
  • Ignore files.
  • Add a file to staging.
  • Unstage a file.
  • Check status.
  • View a diff.
  • Create a commit.
  • Push to origin.
  • Pull remote changes locally.
  • Resolve a conflict.
  • Create a branch.
  • Merge a branch into master.
  • Push to a remote branch.
  • Rebase origin/master into a branch.

Intermediate Git

You should be able to

  • Add a remote.
  • Amend a commit.
  • Show a commit by SHA hash.
  • Stash changes.
  • Squash commits.
  • Create a tag.

Advanced Git

You should be able to

  • Cherry pick commits.
  • Reorder commits.
  • Keep either file in merge conflicts.
  • Restore lost commits.
  • Visualize commits differently using git log flags.
  • Visualize changes differently using git diff flags.

Ongoing Reference