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Commits on Nov 13, 2012
  1. @calebthompson

    Convert trails from markdown to JSON

    calebthompson authored Adarsh Pandit committed
    * The trail-map is now JSON-only for use at
    * All Pull Requests should update the JSON as per
    Notes on this commit:
    Convert ruby trail to json
    Convert code-review to json
    Convert css trail to json
    Convert git trail to json
    Convert grids trail to json
    Convert html trail to json
    Convert information-design trail to json
    Convert ios trail to json
    Convert Javascript trail to JSON
    Convert open-source trail to json
    Add prerequisites to open-source trail
    Convert postgres trail to json
    Convert rails trail to json
    Convert refactoring trail to json
    Convert rubymotion trail to json
    Convert sass trail to json
    Convert test-driven-development trail to json
    Convert typography trail to json
    Convert unix trail to json
    Convert vim trail to json
    Convert visual-design trail to json
    Lint json and resolve errors
    Add descriptions to trails
    Use name instead of title in ruby trail resources
    Change resource json to match <a> tag properties
    * url => uri
    * name => title
    Rename visual-design and postgres trails
    * Visual Design => Design Principles
    * Postgres => SQL
    Fix typo in git trail
    Fix capitalization of trail names
    Refactor test-driven-development into testing trail
    Remove markdown-style code ticks ("`")
    * Code ticks are not currently being parsed in json, and as such
      currently distract from content rather than adding clarity.
    * The parsed trail-maps on, for
      example, look fine without <code> wrappers.
    * If we miss these, we can always bring them back.
    Simplify format of validations in trails
    * Always use an array of strings as the validations for a step
    * This is in keeping with the original intention of the json trail-map
    * Links can be added by including them in the validations string, but in
      general should not be used in validations and will likely fit better
      as a resource.
    Fix formatting of ruby trail
    * For some reason, there was an invalid "guides" element. This has been
      converted into a step
Commits on Oct 2, 2012
  1. @drapergeek
Commits on Sep 17, 2012
  1. @croaky

    Create RubyMotion trail

    croaky authored
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