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@calebthompson Thanks for getting this branch started. Tedious work... :(

I'm chipping in the Javascript trail here.

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thoughtbot, inc. member

Compiles to the same bytecode as Obj-C is more true than "runs on iOS".

calebthompson and others added some commits Oct 11, 2012
@calebthompson calebthompson Fix some conversion issues
* Missing spaces in some resource names
* Remove "example" where it doesn't make sense anymore in sass.json
* Add spaces between chapters in unix.json
@calebthompson calebthompson Use name instead of title in ruby trail resources 61970a2
@calebthompson calebthompson Change resource json to match <a> tag properties
url => uri
name => title
@calebthompson calebthompson Rename visual-design and postgres trails
Visual Design => Design Principles
Postgres => SQL
@gfontenot gfontenot fix typo in git trail f8d8945
@calebthompson calebthompson Fix capitalization of trail names ff05577
@calebthompson calebthompson Refacto test-driven-development into testing trail 4c605ed
@calebthompson calebthompson Remove markdown-style code ticks ("`")
* Code ticks are not currently being parsed in json, and as such
  currently distract from content rather than adding clarity.
* The parsed trail-maps on, for
  example, look fine without <code> wrappers.
* If we miss these, we can always bring them back.
@calebthompson calebthompson Simplify format of validations in trails
* Always use an array of strings as the validations for a step
* This is in keeping with the original intention of the json trail-map
* Links can be added by including them in the validations string, but in
  general should not be used in validations and will likely fit better
  as a resource.
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