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Write Yourself A Roguelike: Ruby Edition
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Write Yourself a Roguelike

You are about to embark on a journey. This journey will be plagued with orcs, gnomes, algorithms, data structures, and kittens. You, valiant developer, will be writing a Roguelike.


  • Intro

    • What is a Roguelike?
    • What is NetHack?
    • Tooling
    • Why Write This Book?
  • Creating a Character

    • The Title Screen
    • Messages
    • Roles
    • Races
    • Genders
    • Alignments
    • Generating Abilities
  • Creating the Dungeon

    • Generating random rooms
    • Generating Doors and Corridors
    • Moving around
    • Creating Stairwells
    • Vision and Lighting
    • Color
  • Inventory

    • Items
    • Burden
    • Money and Shops
    • Food and Hunger
    • Unidentified Items
  • Combat

    • Random Monsters
    • Combat
    • Magic
  • Wrapping up

    • Saving and Loading
    • Increasing Difficulty
    • What to do next
  • Possible Future Chapters

    • Searching, hidden doors and corridors
    • Questlines
    • Alternate Dungeon types
    • Blessings and Curses
    • Pets
    • Zoos


There is a build tool included with this project that will allow you to compile the contents of the book directory into an EPUB-formatted e-book. First, to ensure that you’ve got the necessary dependencies for the compilation process, change to the project directory and run:

$ bundle install

We then need to have Pandoc installed.

Now, anytime you’d like to compile the book you can simply run the compile script:

$ exe/compile

Doing so will write a file entitled write-yourself-a-roguelike.epub to the release directory, overwriting any existing file with the same name.

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