Convert xml to dict and vice versa.
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Convert xml to python dictionaries, and vice-versa.


pip install xmldict

On most of the systems, you will need the sudo permissions if you are doing a system wide install.

sudo pip install xmldict


# Converting xml to dictionary
>>> xmldict.xml_to_dict('''
... <root>
...   <persons>
...     <person>
...       <name first="foo" last="bar" />
...     </person>
...     <person>
...       <name first="baz" last="bar" />
...     </person>
...   </persons>
... </root>
... ''')
{'root': {'persons': {'person': [{'name': {'last': 'bar', 'first': 'foo'}}, {'name': {'last': 'bar', 'first': 'baz'}}]}}}

# Converting dictionary to xml 
>>> xmldict.dict_to_xml({'root': {'persons': {'person': [{'name': {'last': 'bar', 'first': 'foo'}}, {'name': {'last': 'bar', 'first': 'baz'}}]}}})