Apparently broken with latest OPA nightlies #3

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thoughtpolice commented Jun 7, 2011

On IRC earlier today:

10:38 < bibouba> from build 28970 the build of opaque won't work any more
10:38 < bibouba> because we have also added such a function with the same name in our libs
10:39 < bibouba> we get : native.c:(.text+0x0): multiple definition of `get_memory_usage'
10:39 < bibouba> so, a possible workarround for beeing robust, is to use namespaces
10:39 < bibouba> like opaque_get_memory_usage
10:39 < bibouba> to limits clashes
10:39 < thoughtpolice> ok, i'll note that :)

The latest nightly builds aren't available for OS X yet, so I have yet to fix this.

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