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A simplistic package manager for UrWeb
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urpkg: a package manager for ur/web

urpkg is a package manager for Ur/Web. It's designed in a vein similar to brew or macports. When you install a package, it puts it in a safe, versioned directory and invokes the compiler with proper arguments. It handles installation of Ur/Web libraries in a flexible manner (most any build system can be used, like brew/ports) and can also build .urp projects you have.

urpkg consists of a standalone perl script on the client side, and an Ur/Web application for the web interface managing packages (NB: not yet invented at all practically.)

It's growing rapidly (where 'growing rapidly' means it does what I need, when I need it and not much else at the moment.) Don't expect much, and don't expect anything to go your way unless you yell at me or put an issue on the issue tracker.

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