Taming snakes with reactive streams
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Taming snakes with reactive streams


This repo includes the source code for a series of posts on reactive-snake. Each part builds on top of the previous one and adds features on top. Here's a quick overview:

  • Part 1: Basic features
  • Part 2: Advanced features

Remember, if you clone this repo you'll sit on the latest commit. There's a tag for each part that you can checkout. Alternatively, you browse through the source code on GitHub.


Clone this repo and execute the following command in your favorite shell:

  • npm install or short npm i


After you have installed all dependencies you can now run the app:

  • npm start will build the application and start a local server using webpack-dev-server to watch, re-build (in-memory) and reload the app on each change.

  • npm run build or npm run build:prod can be used to prepare a distribution bundle.

Finally, open a browser and navigate to localhost:9000.

Have fun!