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What is CruiseControl.rb?

CruiseControl.rb is a continuous integration tool. Its basic purpose in life is to alert members of a software project when one of them checks something into source control that breaks the build.

CC.rb is easy to install, pleasant to use and simple to hack. It’s written in Ruby.

Feature list

  • Can be installed in 10 minutes.
  • Works out of the box with a regular Ruby or Ruby on Rails project. No configuration necessary.
  • Works with Java Ant, .NET NAnt and any build tool that can be invoked through command line and returns a non-zero exit code if the build fails.
  • Web-based dashboard, convenient, useful and pretty.
  • When a build is broken or fixed, notifies users via email, instant messaging, Twitter, or UI tools like CCTray and CCMenu.
  • RSS feed to track the build status of your favourite projects.
  • Jump to the code causing a build error in one click.
  • Displays custom build artifacts. No configuration necessary.
  • Extendable through builder plugins, custom build schedulers and other configuration options.
  • Infinitely hackable thanks to publicly available source code and Ruby open classes.
  • Free as in “free beer”.

Demo site

Here is a public CruiseControl.rb instance building itself and some other open-source projects.

Next step: Download CruiseControl.rb and get started.