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@@ -14,25 +14,17 @@ Installation and Development
All development is being done inside a [Vagrant][1] box, so you'll
need it installed and working on your system before you begin. We
-are using a standard [Ubuntu Precise 64 box][2], which you'll need
-to grab and add to your Vagrant inventory:
+are using a standard [Ubuntu Precise 64 box][2], which will get
+downloaded and added to your Vagrant inventory when you run `vagrant up`.
-$ vagrant box add precise
-Let Vagrant do the rest from there (you need to be online for this):
-$ vagrant up
The box should then be booted, updated, provisioned and you'll have
a working version of the application under [localhost:8000][3].
+[3]: http://localhost:8000
To do any work, we'd rather rely on the Vagrant setup (otherwise,
you'd have to run Redis, PostgreSQL and the full stack on your local
development environment, which can be unpleasant to set up). If you
@@ -67,11 +59,17 @@ Database adapter postgresql
Database schema version 0
-[3]: http://localhost:8000
+Most pages on the application are wikis, and they live in a separate
+branch, `wiki`. To edit them, go to [localhost:8000/admin][5] and
+change content to your liking. Every edit generates a commit in the
+branch, so remember to push your changes with:
+`git push origin wiki`
-*Note*: provisioning and deployment are still being worked on, so
-there will be a few failures. Please help us with pull requests
-and bug reports!
+[5]: http://localhost:8000/admin

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