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⚠️ The author is no longer developing for RISC OS, so this code is provided as-is without support. ⚠️

ARMEdit is a suite of utilities for use with Acorn and Aleph One PC emulation cards for Acorn's RISC OS. It consists of a RISC OS module, a desktop front-end application, several DOS executables, a DOS device driver, and support for third party programmers.

Limited support is provided for the Acorn software PC emulator. Due to the lower level of programmer support provided, some features of the ARMEdit suite may not operate as expected when used with the software emulator.

Source code for the !PC/!PCPro software and DDKs have been released under GPL.

These source files have been rearranged to make them more convenient to navigate and view on non RISC OS platforms. Most significantly, instead of the RISC OS convention of using separate directories for different source file types, more traditional file extensions have been used. BBC BASIC files have also been detokenised to plain text. The Makefile has not been updated to match these changes, so the code will not build without some modification.

Copyright 1995-2001, 2019