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As an exercise in our September 2016 Perl Mongers meeting, we will be writing code to shuffle a deck of cards.


You will need to do the following so we can test your shuffle! You will be creating a 'Mongers::Shuffle' module with a shuffle subroutine.

  1. Create a new directory with your "team name". You can choose what you like. Also create a 'Mongers' directory in that folder. e.g:

    mkdir -p myteam/Mongers
  2. Create a perl module in the Mongers folder folder named Shuffle. e.g:

    vim myteam/Mongers/

    Make sure to add 'package Mongers::Shuffle;' at the top of the file!

  3. Create a subroutine named 'shuffle'. This subroutine will receive an unshuffled deck of cards. It should shuffle the deck and return it.


An example has been created, please see the 'example' folder.