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What is this

This is a sample rails app that demonstrates how to use iron_worker_ng with Rails

Getting Started

  1. Copy application to local computer: git clone git://

  2. Install dependencies: bundle install

  3. Rename config/_mongoid.yml to config/mongoid.yml and enter correct database credentials. Please note, your database should be accessible from outer world, so "localhost" is bad decision. Actually, your workers executes on cloud, so they should be able to connect to database. You can create free database account at or

  4. Rename config/_application.yml to config/application.yml and enter correct project_id and token. You'll need to register at and get your credentials to use IronWorker service. Each account can have an unlimited number of projects, so take advantage of it by creating separate projects for development, testing and production.

  5. Upload your workers via rake task: rake worker:upload:all


You can find more documentation here: