pandora port with separate platform initialization files and global functions enhanced #5

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was working a bit more on the pandora port and moved the main #ifdef's into separate platform files (added platform.h and platform.c) - can't test if it still works on the n9xx platforms as i dont have one of these.

most of the modifications within apklib and jnilib have been done to get unity based games working. though the module still doesnt work (SEGFAULT on nativeFile)

fixed angry birds module for the pandora

enhanced the cut the rope module to get to the start screen. added a preliminary png loader for that, too.

as i'm mostly working with codeblocks the makefile probably needs some update, too, which i haven't done yet.

thp commented Jan 21, 2013

Do we need all the libs from Pandora Android? Which specific libs do we need, and can we just use one set of libs instead of having multiple ones?


yeah, you're right. i didnt look close enough after i've got it working. i'll remove all unnecessary libs.


cleaned up the pandora lib folder, now there's only a handful of libs left.

also i've done some more work on the cut the rope module and have a version of it running on the pandora including saves, sounds and images.

had to add some global "hack" struct (see apkenv.h) to be able to override/hotfix some gl functions. therefore i've increased the apkenv version.

increased the version number of the module because i've added a new module function.

@thp thp merged commit d2b3ea0 into thp:master Jan 28, 2013
thp commented Jan 28, 2013

Thanks, I'll have a look at it and see if it still builds for MeeGo :)

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