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Here are some files that might be useful for users of the library:
Copy this files to /etc/udev/rules.d/ on Linux machines with udev
to make sure that the PS Move controller can be accessed via USB
by any user on the system (otherwise you might get a permission
problem or you might have to run the application as root).
This is a less intrusive variant of the above "bluez-register-move"
script. It uses D-Bus to communicate with bluetoothd and tells it
to add a Move Controller to the system. If that works, the device
is set as Trusted, so that bluetoothd will accept connections from
the Move Controller. It might still be necessary to restart Bluez
after this script has been run, but it won't tamper with the state
files directly.
Example makefile for use with the Android NDK and/or agcc. Can be
used to cross-compile the example application to run on a rooted
Android device, also using bluez-register-psmove.
Modify the built shared library so that it can be successfully
embedded into an Mac OS X application bundle (.app).
tracker_debug.html, tracker_debug.css:
Debug files to display the debug information for the tracker that
is saved to ~/.psmoveapi/. when debugging files are written there., psmoveplug_lcd2usb.c:
Basic files that you can use to create a PS Move "moved" plug computer,
using an (optional) LCD2USB display for showing the current status.
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