Assets 8

A new version of PS Move API is out, with initial support for the PS4 Move Controller and various assorted bug fixes and improvements:

  • Update examples/python/ to be Python 3 compatible (by Maksim Surguy, #347)
  • macOS build script: Allow spaces in the installation path (by Tim Arterbury, #348)
  • OpenCV: Require OpenCV 2.x in the build scripts for now (by Alexander Nitsch, #359)
  • CMakeLists.txt: Use swig_add_library instead of swig_add_module (#365)
  • Initial support for the PS4 Move CECH-ZCM2J (in cooperation with Alexander Nitsch, #361, #362, #353)
  • Calibration: Update dumped information (by Alexander Nitsch, #366)
  • Versioning: Take PSMOVE_CURRENT_VERSION from CMake (#360, #364)
  • Updated documentation (#351)