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To use these examples, build the PS Move API with Java bindings in ../../build/
using CMake and Make. Then, you can build the examples using:

  ant compile

You can run the examples using:

  ant run-sensorreading
  ant run-tracker
  ant run-fusion

The Fusion example depends on LWJGL (, make sure to set
the right paths in build.xml (or remove to avoid building the example).
For Debian-based systems such as Ubuntu, you can install it using:

  apt-get install liblwjgl-java

In the case of Debian-based systems such as Ubuntu, the paths in build.xml will
alraedy be correct, so liblwjgl-java can be found.

Adding new examples:

  1. Copy an existing file (e.g. to a new file (
  2. Rename the class inside the file
  3. Add a new target to build.xml:

    <target name="run-myclass" depends="compile">
        <java classname="MyClass" classpathref="classpath"/>

  4. Build and run the example with:

    ant run-myclass

To remove compiled files, use:

  ant clean