Command line tool for reading solar inverter parameters.
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Copyright 2012-2015 Thomas Petig <>
Danfoss, TripleLynx, TLX, UniLynx, ULX and ComLynx are trademarks of Danfoss


rklogger is a command line program for reading the parameters out of Danfoss
inverters. This project is licensed under the GPLv3. It is tested with TLX and
ULX inverters together with Debian stable (x86, 32Bit).


Recent versions of:
g++ and
are required.

Please type within the project root directory:
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

to build the project. Type 

cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug .

if you want to compile with additional debug output.
For the installation type:
make install

Usage (for more details see the installed manpage):

Go into this directory for the following examples, or call the binary from
this path. All numerical parameters are given as hexadecimal number without
prefix, e.g., 4e, 13, or d4.

To read a parameter:
rklogger <network> <node> <param_idx> <param_subidx> <param_modulidx>

To scan the network:
rklogger -s

To ping a inverter:
rklogger <network> <node>

To get information on additional parameters:
rklogger --help

For details regarding param_idx, param_subidx and param_modulidx please refer
to the ComLynx protocol specification provided by Danfoss.