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This repository contains the Dockerfile that has been used to create the docker container "doccam".

Doccam is an Ubuntu-cased container providing KRoC, the occam/occam-pi language platform.

For further information concerning the KRoC installation process please visit:

How to enable the occam compiler tools

Just change the current working directory to /home/root/dev/occam/kroc-1.6.0:

cd /home/root/dev/occam/kroc-1.6.0

... and run the following command (don't forget the . !)

. /usr/local/kroc/bin/kroc-setup.sh

How to run a HelloWorld

Create a project folder (e. g. /home/root/dev/occam/hello) and change the working directory to this newly created directory.

Copy and paste the HelloWorld example given in the occam subdirectory and use the cat command to save it into a hello.occ file:

cat > hello.occ << EOF
#INCLUDE "course.module"
PROC hello (CHAN BYTE out!)
  out.string ("Hello, world!*n", 0, out!)

The sourcecode above has been taken from this repo.

After that you can try to compile the application using this command:

occbuild --program hello.occ

The application can be started easily by calling the occbuild output: