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Places: Windows Application Launcher


Design Goals

Starting applications or opening folder-/ file links as quickly as possible with a minimum number of user interactions (i.e. mouse clicks, key presses).

Everything stays in its place: icons will always stay in the same position, where you once placed them. No sorting, no re-ordering, no changes if the resolution of the screen changes. Instead, the icons are scaled accordingly to the screen resolution. You will always find your icons at the same position with a quick mouse click. Therefore the name "Places".

Eye-Candy and Smooth

  • Animated icons
  • Animated smooth scrolling between pages
  • Bitmaps for icons can be loaded from external files
  • Use shaders, patterns or images as background wallpaper

Intuitive and fast user interface

  • Places is moved to the front of the screen and is not hidden by other windows
  • Unlimited undo and redo (ctrl + z, ctrl + y)
  • Lasso to select and de-select groups of items (alt + left-click to drag lasso, groups of icons can be arranged or moved to other pages)
  • Provides a total of 10 pages
  • Special windowed mode, also useful to drag apps and folders into "Places"
  • Wipe to scroll between pages
  • Several activation methods to activate / hide Places (5-button mouse recommended)
  • Activation can be suspended, when a full-screen app is running in foreground, e.g. a game

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista or higher
  • Graphics Card with OpenGL driver (i.e. any modern Graphics Card)


Download the binary installer at


Youtube Video

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