A cryptocurrency trading bot and framework supporting multiple exchanges written in Golang.
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A cryptocurrency trading bot supporting multiple exchanges written in Golang.

Please note that this bot is under development and is not ready for production!


Join our slack to discuss all things related to GoCryptoTrader! GoCryptoTrader Slack

Exchange Support Table

Exchange REST API Streaming API FIX API
Alphapoint Yes Yes NA
Binance Yes Yes NA
Bitfinex Yes Yes NA
Bitflyer Yes No NA
Bithumb Yes NA NA
BitMEX Yes No NA
Bitstamp Yes Yes No
Bittrex Yes No NA
BTCC Yes Yes No
BTCMarkets Yes No NA
Exmo Yes NA NA
CoinbasePro Yes Yes No
GateIO Yes No NA
Gemini Yes No No
HitBTC Yes Yes No
Huobi.Pro Yes No NA
Huobi.Hadax Yes No NA
ItBit Yes NA No
Kraken Yes NA NA
LakeBTC Yes No NA
Liqui Yes No NA
LocalBitcoins Yes NA NA
OKCoin China Yes Yes No
OKCoin International Yes Yes No
OKEX Yes No No
Poloniex Yes Yes NA
Yobit Yes NA NA

We are aiming to support the top 20 highest volume exchanges based off the CoinMarketCap exchange data.

** NA means not applicable as the Exchange does not support the feature.

Current Features

  • Support for all Exchange fiat and digital currencies, with the ability to individually toggle them on/off.
  • AES256 encrypted config file.
  • REST API support for all exchanges.
  • Websocket support for applicable exchanges.
  • Ability to turn off/on certain exchanges.
  • Ability to adjust manual polling timer for exchanges.
  • Communication packages (Slack, SMS via SMSGlobal, Telegram and SMTP)
  • HTTP rate limiter package.
  • Forex currency converter packages (CurrencyConverterAPI, CurrencyLayer, Fixer.io, OpenExchangeRates)
  • Packages for handling currency pairs, tickers and orderbooks.
  • Portfolio management tool; fetches balances from supported exchanges and allows for custom address tracking.
  • Basic event trigger system.
  • WebGUI.

Planned Features

Planned features can be found on our community Trello page.


Please feel free to submit any pull requests or suggest any desired features to be added.

When submitting a PR, please abide by our coding guidelines:

  • Code must adhere to the official Go formatting guidelines (i.e. uses gofmt).
  • Code must be documented adhering to the official Go commentary guidelines.
  • Code must adhere to our coding style.
  • Pull requests need to be based on and opened against the master branch.

Compiling instructions

Download and install Go from Go Downloads for your platform.


We use the dep tool provided by Golang for managing dependencies. As it is not officially part of the go tools package suite, you will need to manually install it if you have not already.

On MacOS you can install or upgrade to the latest released version with Homebrew:

brew install dep
brew upgrade dep

On linux or MacOS, you can also install it via go get:

go get -u github.com/golang/dep/cmd/dep

After dep is installed, please follow the instructions below:

go get github.com/thrasher-/gocryptotrader
cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/thrasher-/gocryptotrader
make get
make install
cp $GOPATH/src/github.com/thrasher-/gocryptotrader/config_example.json $GOPATH/bin/config.json


go get github.com/thrasher-/gocryptotrader
cd %GOPATH%\src\github.com\thrasher-\gocryptotrader
go install
copy %GOPATH%\src\github.com\thrasher-\gocryptotrader\config_example.json %GOPATH%\bin\config.json
  • Make any neccessary changes to the config.json file.
  • Run the gocryptotrader binary file inside your GOPATH bin folder.


If this framework helped you in any way, or you would like to support the developers working on it, please donate Bitcoin to:



Binaries will be published once the codebase reaches a stable condition.

Contributor List

A very special thank you to all who have contributed to this program:

User Github Contribution Amount
thrasher- https://github.com/thrasher- 456
shazbert https://github.com/shazbert 142
gloriousCode https://github.com/gloriousCode 122
140am https://github.com/140am 8
ermalguni https://github.com/ermalguni 4
marcofranssen https://github.com/marcofranssen 4
Betazoid https://github.com/Betazoid 4
crackcomm https://github.com/crackcomm 3
bretep https://github.com/bretep 2
gam-phon https://github.com/gam-phon 2
cornelk https://github.com/cornelk 2
if1live https://github.com/if1live 2
daniel-cohen https://github.com/daniel-cohen 1
frankzougc https://github.com/frankzougc 1
starit https://github.com/starit 1
Jimexist https://github.com/Jimexist 1
lookfirst https://github.com/lookfirst 1
zeldrinn https://github.com/zeldrinn 1
mattkanwisher https://github.com/mattkanwisher 1
mKurrels https://github.com/mKurrels 1
m1kola https://github.com/m1kola 1
cavapoo2 https://github.com/cavapoo2 1
tongxiaofeng https://github.com/tongxiaofeng 1
idealhack https://github.com/idealhack 1
vyloy https://github.com/vyloy 1
askew- https://github.com/askew- 1
whilei https://github.com/whilei 1
snipesjr https://github.com/snipesjr 1