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package main
import (
Watches a file on a set interval, and preforms de-duplication of write
events such that only 1 write event is reported even if multiple writes
happened during the specified duration.
type FileWatcher struct {
fsNotify *fsnotify.Watcher
interval time.Duration
done chan struct{}
callback func()
Begin watching a file with a specific interval and action
func WatchFile(path string, interval time.Duration, action func()) (*FileWatcher, error) {
fsWatcher, err := fsnotify.NewWatcher()
if err != nil {
return nil, err
// Add the file to be watched
watcher := &FileWatcher{
make(chan struct{}, 1),
// Launch a go thread to watch the file
return watcher, err
func (self *FileWatcher) run() {
// Check for write events at this interval
tick := time.Tick(self.interval)
var lastWriteEvent *fsnotify.Event
for {
select {
case event := <-self.fsNotify.Events:
// When a ConfigMap update occurs kubernetes AtomicWriter() creates a new directory;
// writing the updated ConfigMap contents to the new directory. Once the write is
// complete it removes the original file symlink and replaces it with a new symlink
// pointing to the contents of the newly created directory. It does this to achieve
// atomic ConfigMap updates. But it also means the file we were monitoring for write
// events never got them and was instead deleted.
// The correct way to handle this would be to monitor the symlink instead of the
// actual file for events. However fsnotify.v1 does not allow us to pass in the
// IN_DONT_FOLLOW flag to inotify which would allow us to monitor the
// symlink for changes instead of the de-referenced file. This is not likely to
// change as fsnotify is designed as cross platform and not all platforms support
// symlinks.
if event.Op == fsnotify.Remove {
// Since the symlink was removed, we must
// re-register the file to be watched
lastWriteEvent = &event
// If it was a write event
if event.Op == fsnotify.Write {
lastWriteEvent = &event
case <-tick:
// No events during this interval
if lastWriteEvent == nil {
// Execute the callback
// Reset the last event
lastWriteEvent = nil
case <-self.done:
goto Close
func (self *FileWatcher) Close() {
self.done <- struct{}{}
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