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Tools for concurrent high performance java development


  1. threadly Public

    A library of tools to assist with safe concurrent java development. Providing unique priority based thread pools, and ways to distrbute threaded work safely.

    Java 210 29

  2. Tools for testing concurrent applications. Helping make normally async designs deterministic and fast to run in unit tests.

    Java 1 1

  3. auroraArc Public

    JDBC SQL driver which supports fast aws aurora failover and distributed replica reads

    Java 8 4

  4. litesockets Public

    Light weight non-blocking socket library which relies heavily on threadly concurrency tools.

    Java 10 4

  5. Http protocol handlers for litesockets network library

    Java 2 1

  6. ambush Public

    A unique java library for structuring and driving performance load tests

    Java 3 1


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