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@jentfoo jentfoo released this Oct 1, 2018 · 56 commits to master since this release

Bug fixes included in release:

  • ListenableFuture.flatMap cancel fix. Fixes a case where canceling a flatMap'ed future would not cancel the future it was depending on execution for. Described in more detail on this commit: d2a0cb1

New features and improvements included in this release:

  • Added ListenableFuture.getRunningStackTrace() to get the stack trace of the future being executed, or a parent future (if being invoked on a mapped future that is still waiting on the parent futures result).
  • Added CancelDebuggingListenableFuture as a future wrapper to make use of the above in order to get the running stack at the point at which a future was canceled.
  • ImmediateResultListenableFuture performance improvements when failureMap'ing. An improvement to a previous improvement that in some cases was not being fully realized.
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