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@jentfoo jentfoo released this May 23, 2019 · 8 commits to master since this release

Changes included in this release:

  • Added Poller.consumeQueue as a means to have a Consumer invoked as items become available within a queue. Similar in concept to BlockingQueueConsumer, but able to be done on any queue type (not just blocking), and wont start threads (just runs on the Poller pool).
  • Poller can now be constructed with a SubmitterScheduler pool rather than a SchedulerService
  • Added ListenerOptimizationStrategy.InvokingThreadIfDone as another optimization option for future listeners
  • Added FlowControlledProcessor as a way to flow control async processing to avoid memory and other usage that may be caused by submitting too many tasks otherwise
  • BlockingQueueConsumer was moved to the org.threadly.concurrent.processing package, and interfaces updated for modern threadly usage
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