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6.5 Release

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@jentfoo jentfoo released this 03 Oct 15:27
· 24 commits to master since this release
  • The constructor for SameThreadSubmitterExecutor has been deprecated. This was meant to be done earlier, instead SameThreadSubmitterExecutor.instance() should be used.

  • ReschedulingOperation performance improvements by to looping instead of immediately executing if it was signaled while running. This provides a couple improvements:

    • No need to incur the overhead of queuing and cross thread communication to execute immediately
    • When a SameThreadSubmitterExecutor is used this will avoid a possible stack overflow
  • ConfigurableThreadFactory now has the ability to add a listener to be provided threads as they are created. This can be useful for debugging or other monitoring code which needs to know about threads related to specific pools. Within the threadly library ControlledThreadProfiler is a perfect example of how this can be leveraged.