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EL7 spamtrap setup

This installs a high interactive email honeypot style spamtrap. So take the needed pre-caution! Even though it is high interactive it is configured to not send mail.

This is based on

Follow the install instructions of el7-server to install:

  • (make sure to follow the instructions in for SSH pub key placement)
  • without running any post install configuration (to setup a local DNS for RBL queries)
  • without running any post install configuration

Then run from this repo.

This disables email sending from your mail server as well as sets up your mail server to receive all mails send to whatever recipients into spamtrap.invalid. The standard email addresses, e.g., hostmaster@, etc. are send to root, see /etc/postfix/vmaps for where special emails addresses are send.

Then run /usr/local/sbin/el7-mx_config to configure your mail domain as

The spam mails will then land in /home/vmail/spamtrap.invalid/spamtrap/new/.

Optionally, you can run /usr/local/sbin/el7-mx_add_user spamtrap@spamtrap.invalid then you can connect via POP3s as user spamtrap@spamtrap.invalid with the password you configured in that command. If you connect to POP3s via IP only you must change the local_name <domain> { line to local <ip> {. This way dovecot will find and server the SSL certificate for SSL connections to the IP.


Basically you run: # from # from # from # from this repo

Then the spam ends up in /home/vmail/spamtrap.invalid/spamtrap/new/.

For logging and debugging of the mail system see instructions in


  • Because the el7-server project script el7-mx_add_user doesn't use regex in vhosts and vmaps you receive a warning warning: regexp map /etc/postfix/vmaps, line xx: ignoring unrecognized request. This can be ignored, or you can remove the added (non-regex) lines from vhosts and vmaps. Because there is already a catch all the entries aren't needed anyway.


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