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Threat Stack Ansible Role

Threat Stack agent 1.x support is now removed

This version of the ansible role only supports Threat Stack agent 2.x or higher. For support of 1.x agent versions, please use the 4.x versions of the role.

Build Status

Ansible Role to deploy the Threat Stack server agent.

Threatstack @ Ansible Galaxy


  • Amazon Linux
  • CentOS
  • RedHat
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian

Role Variables

The following variables are available for override.

Variable Type Default Required Description
threatstack_deploy_key String Yes Your TS deploy key.
threatstack_ruleset Array ["Base Rule Set"] Array of rulesets to apply to hosts.
threatstack_pkg_url String Depends on version Location of package repo. Only change if you mirror your own.
threatstack_pkg String threatstack-agent Name of package. Specify package version using "threatstack-agent=X.Y.Z" (Debian/Ubuntu) or "threatstack-agent-X.Y.Z" (RedHat/CentOS/Amazon).
threatstack_pkg_version String If defined, pins specific threatstack package version
threatstack_pkg_validate Boolean yes Should packages be validated? We default to yes, but if you repackage anything you may need to change this.
threatstack_url String The URL endpoint for Threat Stack. This should not change.
threatstack_hostname String The display hostname in the Threat Stack UI. Defaults to hostname.
threatstack_configure_agent Boolean true Set to false to not configure the host, just install the package.
threatstack_agent_extra_args String Pass optional arguments during agent registration.
threatstack_agent_config_args String Pass optional configuration arguments after agent registration. Must include --set before each argument in the setting. (Ex. --set log.level debug --set foo bar)
threatstack_agent_disable_service Boolean false Make sure agent service is disabled and not running after installation


Using ansible galaxy, best for ad-hoc command situations:

$ ansible-galaxy install threatstack.threatstack-ansible

To install into your playbook roles, use -p ROLES_PATH or --path=ROLES_PATH

$ ansible-galaxy install threatstack.threatstack-ansible -p /your/project/root/roles

Check out: Advanced Control over Role Requirements Files


  1. Install Threat Stack agent with the default rule set and reports system hostname to threatstack. This is the most basic configuration
- hosts: all
    - { role: threatstack.threatstack-ansible, threatstack_deploy_key: XXXXXXXXXXXXX}
  1. Install Threat Stack agent with custom security rules set and custom hostname:
- hosts: web-servers
    - role: threatstack.threatstack-ansible
      threatstack_deploy_key: XXXXXXXXXXXXX
        - 'Base Rule Set'
        - 'Custom Rule Set'
      threatstack_hostname: dev_web01_us-east-1c
  1. Install the Threat Stack agent but do not configure it. NOTE: Useful for configuring a base image to be repeatedly deployed with the agent pre-installed.
- hosts: aws-image
    - role: threatstack.threatstack-ansible
      threatstack_configure_agent: false
  1. Install a particular version of the Threat Stack agent. Use in situations where you perform controlled rollouts of all new package versions.
- hosts: hosts
    - role: threatstack.threatstack-ansible
      threatstack_deploy_key: XXXXXXXXXXXXX
      threatstack_pkg: threatstack-agent=




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Use github issues for bugs in this repo.

Contributing enhancements/fixes

See the CONTRIBUTING document for details.