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Trash Taxi

The Trash Taxi logo is of a sloth driving a taxi cab with servers on fire in the trunk

Trash Taxi is a lifecycle management tool that helps reduce configuration drift in your environment, by terminating servers when arbitrary manual commands have been executed on them.

Most documentation is available at

Building and installing

You can use go build and drop the output wherever you wish. garbaged's configuration file (by default) lives in /etc/garbaged.json but you can reassign it using the GARBAGED_CONFIG environment variable.

The nt command is available in cmd/nt, along with information on how to configure nt as well.

There is a command line API utility named tt which you'll find in cmd/tt.

Issues, Questions, Comments, etc.

Trash Taxi is not supported as part of a Threat Stack service contract, and is maintained as we have time. Your best route to getting questions answered about Trash Taxi is by opening a GitHub issue.


We welcome your contribution to Trash Taxi! Fortunately, this project is small: You'll find the bulk of the server code and endpoint handlers under server/. If you need to add configuration flags or variables you'll find configuration structs such under config/. If you're interested in finding out if some feature work would be helpful, please open an issue.

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